“I am in awe with the expertise I’m bringing to you today. We are honored to have an important guest. I am thrilled. It was a pleasure to listen to him talk. Today, he will enlighten us on his medical speciality, Urology.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Dr Martin Igbokwe, a Consultant Urologist with Zenith Kidney Centre, Abuja.

Dr Martin Igbokwe

A Fellow of West African College of Surgeons(FWACS), and also a Fellow of National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (FMCS). He has acquired skills both locally and internationally in Surgery and Urology.
His undergraduate training was at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife where he finished with honors in Orthopaedic surgery and had his residency training at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ife. He’s had additional international exposure in Senegal (Endourology and Uro-oncology) under Prof Serigne Magueye Gueye (President, WACS). Also trained in Capetown, South Africa on kidney transplantation, minimal access surgery under Prof Andre Van Der Merwe.
In his words, residency was quite accomplishing, because he was trained by the best.

His hobbies include watching television, jogging & working out, spending time with his kids and also writing research articles as he has over 20 publications in Medical Research Journals.

What does it take to be a Urologist?

Training to be a urologist involves:

  1. Passing the Primary exam enabling one pursue a residency training program. This is only possible on completion of the MBBS, internship and NYSC.
  2. An initial 3year Junior residency training through all the specialties in Surgery.
  3. Then the Senior Residency where one is assigned to Urology for another 3years.
  4. On passing the final exams one qualifies as a Urologist and is addressed as a “Fellow” eligible for appointment as a “Consultant”.
    The training process assesses both Research works, clinical acumen, knowledge and character.

What attracted you to this medical speciality?

I will say my parents. My dad was a Medical Doctor, my mum a nurse. So they made me develop interest in Medicine.
However, my interest for the Speciality developed during my Housemanship, and NYSC.
Reason being the High tech gadgets needed to operate as a Urologist.
The various Mini Access Surgeries done in this speciality, and the fact that there are few emergencies. Most of the cases are “elective”. All these suited my personality.

How long have you been a Medical Doctor?

I’ve  been a Medical Doctor for 12 years. And a consultant for 2years.

Not many people know what this speciality is about. Tell us about the scope or various branches or aspects of this practice.

Urology is a subspecialty in Surgery that focuses on the male genito-urinary system which involves surgical treatment of kidney, ureteric, bladder, prostate, urethral, testicular and penile diseases including andrology and male fertility issues. In women, we manage the female urinary system. Majority of our clients are males. In addition
My major interest is in Endo-urology (trans-urethral resection of the prostate, Stone surgeries etc) and kidney transplant.

Tell us more about your personal experience in this field

It has been a worthwhile experience. I do not regret anything. I feel fulfilled and happy doing my job.
For instance, we performed 99 kidney transplants last year, and this year we have done over 40, including 20 during the Covid19 pandemic with excellent results and satisfactory outcomes. So you can see, it has been great!

Dr Martin Harvesting kidney from a Donor.

Are there Misconceptions in your experience i.e. reality vs patient expectation.

Of course, there are.
First is the misconception that Urology is only for Men. That is absolutely false. I’ve already mentioned Kidney diseases like stones, tumours, failure, bladder diseases; these affect both males and females , and VVF is even specific for women alone.

Another misconception is that Prostate surgery causes erectile dysfunction and sterility.
Information is power. So we always try to educate people and create awareness. Ignorance is the cause of these misconceptions.

Also, about Urology being a specialty for just the male doctors.
Honestly, Urology is a male dominated field with over 200 males in Nigeria. However, we still have female Urologists. We have 5 currently in Nigeria, and we expect more women joining soon.

What is the future of the practice in Nigeria?

I must say the future of Urology in Nigeria is so bright.
Nigeria is a big market with highly specialized people in Urology, however due to lack of facilities in most Government owned Hospitals, other countries benefit from this in the form of medical tourism. Yes, you see patients travelling to countries like India to have a kidney transplantation and then return to have the complications managed by Nigerian doctors. Many cannot continue with follow-up abroad. But we thank God that this is now available in Nigeria. The COVID-19 pandemic has also provided a huge opportunity to encourage self-development. More people have seen the need to develop our own local hospitals and increase their capacities. So in the nearest future, I see Robotic Medicine being practiced in Nigeria.
All we need is to develop our resources as a country.

Finally, how can you be contacted

Facebook : DrMartiniUrology

Twitter: DrMartinUrology

Instagram: drmartiniurology

Click the icons below to follow him on social media ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

. E-mail is

Thank You Dr Martin for this great opportunity. I believe most, if not all my readers are now truly informed and sensitized on what Urology is about. And definitely knows when to request for a Urologist.

Nigerians need not travel (again) for a kidney transplant beyond Nigeria. The expertise and wherewithal for it, at a cheaper rate, is available to us now.
Be informed and stay healthy.

Urology is beyond the Male Genitalia. It also focuses on bladder and even VVF in females

I’m excited, The future we hoped and prayed for is already here.

Thank you so much

Prayer is man’s greatest power

By OlasMedicalBlog

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I hope you enjoy your stay here.
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49 replies on “LET’S DISCUSS UROLOGY”

Is the kidney transplant outcome same when compared to those who did theirs outside the country?
Thank you so much Sir. Had no idea this was done un Nigeria
More grace Sandra

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Our short-term outcomes have been similar to reports and literature from overseas.
However we will need longer follow-up of patients to comment on the long-term outcome ie how many still have functional kidneys in 3 to 5 years post transplant. I am currently getting data so we can publish these findings. Thanks for the brilliant question.

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Any day I haven’t visited your blog, I feel as if I’m missing something great that day.
Thanks for this wonderful enlightenment Ola’s blog. Thanks Dr Martin.
More of this Dr Ola.

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Thank you Ola for this brilliant piece.
It’s my pleasure to be featured here.
You will go places in your career .
Thank you all for the kind words.
May God continue to elevate us all.

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