Are you a man, above 40 years of age, and you do not know your current PSA level? You cannot be my friend. Well, let me make excuses for you and pardon you. But after reading this and you still don’t make a conscious effort to know your PSA level, ”KINDLY DELETE MY NUMBER PLEASE” 🤣🤣

At a bank a few weeks ago, I met this elderly man. He stood behind me on a queue. He asked to be excused to go ‘ease’ himself, so I could keep his position for him. I noticed he was practically 🏃 running to go.

After 15 minutes, he was yet to return. It was almost my turn, so I assumed he must have found an alternative or probably changed his mind and gone home. Lo and behold there he was.

“What took you so long Sir”? I asked

“My daughter you won’t understand” he replied.

Well, that was it.

A few minutes later, a discussion on Covid19 ensued among the customers. They all had differing views about Covid-19; with a majority, still thinking it is a “scam”. I did not want to be part of it, however I couldn’t help it after a particular lady claimed she knew people who were told they were infected while they never did. I was compelled to join the conversation at this point.

I tried to buttress the fact that Covid-19 is real. “While safety measures must be observed, however, it is not a death sentence. Once you observe symptoms, please do the needful by seeking appropriate medical attention.”

I didn’t realize the way I spoke and the manner in which I contradicted the lady was very obvious to him. He moved closer to me and asked
“Are you a Health worker”?
I smiled. I was not surprised. Of course.

I introduced myself, stating clearly, who I was. He lowered the tone of his voice and confided in me why he wasted so much time when he went to ease himself.

“My dear, for over a year now, I’ve been finding it very difficult to urinate.”

“Difficult? How exactly Sir?

“Whenever I’m pressed, no matter how hard I strain, the urine takes a little time to flow and I also noticed I now urinate more often than I used to and, my urine doesn’t flow well anymore.”


“How old are you Sir?” I asked

“You should see a Urologist.” I explained to him who a Urologist is. I reassured him all he needs is to see a Doctor.

So this brings me to today’s topic for discussion…


The Prostate is an organ seen only in Men. Prostate cancer is the commonest cancer in men and it is the second leading cause of death in men after lung cancer.

Ideally, every man above the age of 40 years should go for routine annual medical checkup. An assessment of the prostate gland is part of this routine. The prostate gland also never stops growing and can become so big as to cause an obstruction to urine flow.

Factors increasing the risk of Cancer of the prostate are:

1. Age: more in those above 65 years

2. Black race (commoner among blacks than in whites)
3. Hereditary factors: if there is a male relative who has or had it, chances are higher
4. Increased animal fat intake
5. Increased calcium intake


The only way to prevent prostate disease (be it cancer or enlargement) is to be castrated. Eunuchs do not have prostate enlargement.

Eunuchs do not have Prostate cancer

Factors decreasing the incidence:
i- Isoflavavenoid
ii- Carotenoids e.g tomato, red oil
iii- Vit E
iv- Selenium
v- Red wine.

Tomatoes should be your friend

PSA stands for *PROSTATE SPECIFIC ANTIGEN. PSA is produced by the prostate gland and the level is readily measured in the blood of men. It gives an idea of the state of the Prostate gland. The value is increased in Cancer of the Prostate, However it does not always signify there’s cancer, because other factors can causes its increase.

If you notice any of these changes below, go see your doctor:

Frequent urination
  • Inability to control urine
  • Straining to urinate
  • Delay in initiating the urine even when you’re pressed
  • Inability to pass urine
  • Reduction in urine volume
  • Blood in urine or semen
  • Frequent urination
  • Frequent urination at night
  • Inability to hold urine
  • Poor urine flow
  • Urge to always urinate even after voiding
  • Frequent pain or stiffness in lower back, hips, pelvic or rectal area, or upper thighs
Frequent pain

These and a few others should never be taken for granted.

Prostate cancer is not the only cause of these symptoms. Enlargement of the prostate, which is common above the age of 40 years, can.

Therefore, it means any man above the age of 40 years must have his Prostate examined. When prostate cancer is detected early in the disease, the chances of achieving complete cure is very high. Prostate cancer is very common. There are no two ways about it.

I am living proof that if you catch prostate cancer early, it can be reduced to a temporary inconvenience, and you can go back to a normal life.
Norman Schwarzkopf

This post is not just for men alone, but also for that wife, mother, daughter, sister or a friend to any man above the age of 40 years…this is as important to you as it is to them.
Let’s fight this Cancer. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine (and money too).

This has not changed.

I come in Peace

Disclaimer: This post is not for diagnostic purposes. It is strictly for awareness and educative purposes.

By OlasMedicalBlog

OLA'S BLOG is aimed at Creating public health awareness, especially in the major health problems in our environment through churning out personal, true and educative health stories. It assures you to always put out quality content.
I hope you enjoy your stay here.
Thank you for coming around and please do well to drop your feedback. See you!

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Thanks immensely Doctor Ola (#pretty doctor Ola) for educating and giving us awareness especially in our health care. God bless strengthen and also equip u in ur
humanitarian selfless work to the World


Thanks immensely Doctor Ola (#pretty doctor Ola) for educating and giving us awareness especially in our health care. God bless strengthen and also equip u in ur
humanitarian selfless work to the World

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This is really concise and all men need to read this piece, free of charge. I have forwarded same to all my watsApp platforms( atleast over 1000 people will be reached from my end.) I enjoin orders to do so. This is about saving lives.
Thank you Ola for this initiative.

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