Questions on Cervical Cancer

So, I’ve received quite a number of comments and questions. People asking questions concerning the HPV Vaccine/Cervical cancer. I didn’t expect all that, and I must say I’m highly impressed. Incase you missed the post click here

Yes, medicine now is focused on prevention rather than cure. Incase you missed the post click here
So I’m going to share a few of the questions here and try to answer as much as I can.

  1. I’m 32 years can I receive this vaccine?

Ans: It’s recommended for those between the ages of 9- 12 and this is to make sure every girl receives it before she’s sexually active. However, it has been extended to 26years (Catch up).

However, anyone who is sexually active should undergo a screening first. The screening method ranges from HPV screening, Pap smear, colposcopy etc. Because it has to be established one isn’t infected already.
However those over 26yrs can also receive it.

  1. Can a pregnant/lactating mother receive it?

Ans: NO

  1. Can a virgin receive the vaccine?

ANS: YESSSSSSS. In fact, they’re the perfect candidates for this vaccine.

4: Can the males also receive it?

Ans: Yes. The same virus (HPV) is implicated also in Anal cancer, Anal warts etc. So males can.

5: How much does this vaccine cost?

Ans: it is dependent on your area. Currently, it’s not readily available in most government hospitals but I know some private hospitals offer it. So the price is dependent on the hospital. We’re hoping in the nearest future it should be made readily available and affordable too.

  1. Are there other methods I can adopt asides the vaccine to prevent this cancer?

Ans: Yes. But, there’s a but the options include:

  • Being faithful to one faithful partner (very important) and avoiding multiple sexual partners.
  • Remaining a virgin all through your life, lol!

So the choice is yours.

  1. Why doesn’t condom prevent it like other STDs?

ANS: The virus is usually present in the perianal areas of the host….so condom only covers the halos. So any form of skin to skin contact can help the spread it


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7 replies on “Questions on Cervical Cancer”

Thanks Ola for taking the questions on cervical cancer, it has clarified a lot of questions I would have asked. So to make sure I understood the subject, let me ask this, Every female is illegible for the vaccine from the age of 9 to 12, before she becomes sexually active, so once u become sexually active, u will require a screening before taking the vaccine. Is that right?

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Hi Ola
Pls can you tell me a hospital that runs the test in Owerri … was just told you stay around … and the cost plus the vaccine cost and how many times it should be taken …

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